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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Happy 3rd Birthday Mr. Quinn!!!

Birthdays are the most special day of the year in my mind.  They are the one day that are truly yours and I want my children to feel the same way about them.  After this year, Quinn is definitely feeling that way!  We started the countdown to his birthday on May 1st by making a ring chain.  Each day he got to rip off one ring until we finally made it to his birthday.  He was so excited to rip one off he'd even ask if we could have dinner for breakfast so he could rip one off sooner!

Per his request, we celebrated all day on his actual birthday (May 18th) with a day full of Quinn activities, a pizza party complete with is choice of rainbow cake, and lots of play time outside.  His actual friends birthday party was on Sunday at (his choice) Jump Zone.  Enjoy the pics!

Making the rainbow cake

Thank goodness Grandma knew how to do it

Waking up to birthday balloons!

Presents too?!?

This is MY rainbow cake!

So colorful and fun!

The fam

The 3 year old king of Jump Zone

The party goers

Quinn and  his best friend Doo-Dah (aka Carson)

Grandma Kristie saying good bye :(

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Dear Quinn-

Happy Birthday Little Buddy!!!  How is it that 3 years have passed so seeminglessly?  It’s amazing how time flies.  Everyone told me that you have to “enjoy them while they’re little because you blink and they are going to prom.”  Now I know it’s not that fast, but still…3 years?!!?  Where has the time gone?

First of all, I must thank you for making me the woman that I am.  You have changed my life more than you will ever know.  You have graced me with so much laughter, so much pride, and so much happiness.  I am so proud to be called Quinn’s Mom…you are truly that amazing. 

The relationship you and I have together is so strong and deep.  I was always told there is something special about the love between a mother and a son and it is so true.  I love you more than words and I know you love me the same way as you want to be with me, never want me to leave, gently touch my face before bed each evening, wait for me to come kiss you goodnight before you fall asleep each evening (even if it takes an hour after we’ve put you down for that second kiss to come), and smile at me.  I pray that our relationship will always be so strong and also that I continue to raise you to be Christ-like – responsible, respectful, compassionate, generous, friendly, well-adjusted, independent, active, healthy, and fun.

This past year, well more particularly this past month, has been full of changes as we welcomed your sister Alana into our family.  I was really worried that you’d struggle with having a new family member, but you’ve taken it all in stride.  You are pretty much like your Grandpa Mel when it comes to dealing with her, not really wanting much to do with her, but very concerned about her.  It’s not uncommon for me to hear “Mom…she’s crying.  Get her.”  Or “Mom, she’s hungry.  Feed her.”  But when I ask you if you want to hold her, you have no interest at all.   You do love her and are anxious to be able to teach her to sing her “ABCs.”  In fact, when she first came home, you and Gigi had been working on an alphabet puzzle.  You took the letter H over to her car seat and showing it to her said “Alana, this is the letter H.  It say huh huh.  You see Alana?  Mommy…she no talk to me!”  I proceeded to convince you that “when she blinks two times it means yes.”  “And when she blink one it mean no!!” you quickly concluded.  You now have a way to “communicate” with her.

You have grown so much physically and academically this year. You are a very very smart boy.  You love puzzles, singing songs, being active outside riding your bike or going on family runs, throwing rocks, chalk, bubbles, cooking with Mommy, and imaginative play.  Every evening you LOVE to “play on your dinosaur bed” with Daddy.  The animals all interact, you wrestle, play duck duck goose together, and build tunnels which always have to have a flashlight because you think it’s much cooler that way.

Every Sunday we go on a “family run.”  You start off in the stroller but by the end are out and running with us.  I will never forget the sound of your voice saying “You can not get me” as you run ahead waiting for us to tag you which is quickly followed with an “I’m gonna get ya” as you chase us back.  You tend to run ½-1 mile and quickly head to the creek to throw rocks.  The bigger the rock the better by the way.

You also love to be outside.  If there’s water, FABULOUS…you’ll be wet in a matter of minutes no matter how cold it is.  Bubbles and chalk are all time favorites as well and you are always wanting to ride your bike.  

You have a “Strider” bike which is a 2-wheeler without pedals.  It essentially teaches you to balance without having to worry about pedaling.  You are really doing well with it – finally picking up your feet and gliding a bit. 

As for your personality, Quinn, you are very well-tempered.  You follow directions very well, have never thrown a temper tantrum, are respectful, and are very generous.  I always give you two choices when I need you to do something.  If you don’t like the choices you often say “Are those my two choices?  Humph…” then choose one anyway.  You have started to negotiate too which is quite funny and you are VERY exacting.  If Daddy tells you he’ll play with you in 5 minutes, you run to the kitchen and set the timer on the oven.  As soon as that timer goes off, you hold him to his word and playtime must start.  Heck…that was the deal, right?  You also will use that timer to your advantage before bedtime at night.  “Mommy…I set the timer for 10 minutes, o-tay?”  I have to laugh, tell you no, then let you set it for 2 more minutes or so.  Maybe someday you’ll be a diplomat solving world problems with your bargaining skills J

Well Quinn…in a nutshell, that is you.  You are absolutely adorable.  You are a little guy who people comment on your looks, intelligence, and manners all the time no matter where we are.  You are always saying please and thank you, you are very complimentary of people and appreciative of them, you make me VERY proud.  I can only hope and pray that your love of life, worry-free spirit, and love of all of God’s creatures continue throughout your life.  No matter what Bops…you are a dream come true and I love you to the moon and back.

Happy Birthday Little Buddy!



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