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Friday, August 1, 2014

How Can It Be August 1st Already!?!?

No...please stop time and let this summer continue on?  How can it be August 1st already?  This summer has been beyond marvelous.  We haven't had the miserable 100 degree days for weeks on end.  In fact, we've only hit the low 90s a handful of times.  Because of that, Quinn, Alana, and I have fully enjoyed our summer.  We've been outside nearly every day playing, riding bikes, running, drawing with chalk, and blowing bubbles.  It's been nothing short of amazing.  With 2 weekends and 1 work week left before I head back to school, I've resolved to make the most of it!  Here are a few pics to catch you up on our summer of fun starting with the kids' and my EPIC road trip across the Midwest.  We hit up St. Louis, Indianapolis, and Chicago for a week of pure fun.

Started our trip at the Saint Louis Zoo...what an awesome place

Even Gigi joined us all the way from Chicago!

Off to Indianapolis for some cousin time at the Splash Park 
(Alana looks just like me when I was a little girl!)

Uncle Anthony spent the entire trip with us and we all LOVED it (especially Quinn)

Alana loved it too!

Somehow we were able to get 1 picture with all of us looking at the camera and looking good

Alana didn't know what to think!

Quinn just goofed off with Uncle A -- so many laughs all week long

Just love them and how she loves him

Alana and Uncle A -- so sweet

Tubby Time for our dirty little ones!  Look at cute Levi!

Off to Chicago -- Quinn's first train ride into the city

His first Ferris Wheel ride too overlooking my beautiful Chicago skyline
Just a fun collage of our day

I have the find the picture of me driving the car on my dad's lap...TWINS!

And one last visit with Auntie Val.

To say we had a great trip would be an understatement!

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Did You Know We're Still Here?

Yes...we are still here and it's my mission this summer to blog some more to show what the Arkansas Popes are up to.

We just got home from an amazing week at the beach on Anna Maria Island, Florida.  I always dreamed of being the "cute Mom" on the beach with her kids playing in the sand and this trip helped that dream come true.  Now...when I say "cute Mom" what I really mean is non-frumpy, youthful, and fun Mom.  To make it even better, I got to nurse Alana and she took naps on me.  Could it get any better?

My kids were complete beach bums LOVING every second they got to spend in the sand.  Quinn would wake up in the morning and suggest that "we go to the beach first, then you can go for your run."  He could not wait to get out there.  For the little boy who loathes swimming lessons, he sure did thrive in the ocean not minding a bit if a wave knocked him down, if he drank salt water, or if water was in his eyes.  Alana just learned to walk the week before so she loved chasing the birds and exploring the beach on her own too.

To make the trip even better, Kristie (Brad's mom), Brad's sister Michelle and her husband Fred and their two kids got to come and enjoy the trip for a few days.  It was awesome to get to share the memories with them, to have a few extra hands around, and to let the cousins play together and the big kids share a drink and many laughs together.

I hope you'll enjoy the pictures as much as we enjoyed our trip!

Daddy and his favorite kiddos

Love my little beach bums

Time for a selfie/groupie break

Loving her first time in the ocean's waters

Taking a break from the sun in the shade

Grandma Kristie enjoying Teagan and Quinn

We got a pic!  Love this man

Our little family

Just playing in the sand

Teagan and Quinn digging for hidden treasures! (Best Pinterest Idea!)

Goofy lil' dude

Quinn could have spent all day in the inner tube just riding the waves

My favorite pic

With my mini me
Last night on the beach with these cuties

Quinn was all thumbs up on the last night of our 2014 beach trip

Friday, December 6, 2013

Catching Up With The Popes

I read a quote about not remembering how clean your house was, but rather remembering the time you spent with your children.  Can I use that as my reasoning for not getting on here to post pictures?  I know it doesn't take that much time, but honestly, when I have a few minutes at the end of the day, I'd rather sleep.  It's still so rare around here.

Alana is now 7 months old and is getting more and more mobile.  She's been army crawling (FAST) for almost 2 months now and is just getting up on her knees to cruise.  She's pulling herself to a high kneel and manages to find everything on my floor to eat (even if I just finished sweeping and mopping).  She's still nursing but is eating solids at least 3 times per day.  Favorites are sweet potatoes, avocados, prunes, bananas, carrots, apples, and pears.  She is STILL not sleeping through the night waking at least once if not twice per night.  I'm tired, but it's become my new norm :)

Quinn is so stinkin' smart and fun.  He LOVES rhyming words, opposites, and patterns.  He enjoys anything that is active and crazy -- dancing, running, sledding, jumping off the couch, etc.  He keeps me laughing all the time. He is way too smart for his own good and like me when I was little, is like a cruise director telling everyone what is going on and what to expect next.

Attaching a few pictures to update everyone.  ENJOY!

7 months of smiles and love

Ice Skating for the First Time

Chillin with my favorite little lady

Don't be fooled by the smile...he HATED it

Thanksgiving with Grandpa

Grandpa, Alana, and Me

Thanksgiving dinner when you only have 2 teeth
(AFTER the sweet potato and squash)

Swimming with Daddy

Getting the tree ready

Loving This Christmas Stuff

Day 2 of Snow Days in Arkansas (10 inches of snow)

Decorating Cookies on Snow Day #2

LOVIN' this snow!