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Thursday, January 24, 2013

4D Ultrasound

What the heck is a 4D ultrasound?  I had to look it up myself.  Essentially, it's 3D, but in real time so you can see the baby moving while you are feeling her move.  It's pretty crazy cool. 28 weeks today, we had a 4D ultrasound and it was nothing short of amazing.  Quinn, Brad, and I all got to be there to meet our baby girl and watch her move.  Quinn loves that she eats her feet.

A few pics for you to see a bit of what we got to see!

5 fingers on one hand :)

Why so tired baby girl?

Sassy in utero

Sweet thang

Our precious baby girl!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

December in a Nutshell

With Facebook, it's been so hard to want to come and blog so I thought I'd sum up our fabulous end of 2012 with a post...don't worry, I'll post more especially as Baby Girl (!!) starts making her arrival!

Grandpa Cotton came to celebrate Thanksgiving with us

Fun times in the leaves with Grandpa

Quinn...our future mountain biker

Then it was quickly December.   Brad headed off to Shang'hai for 2 weeks and my mom coming to visit.  Quinn LOVED his Gigi time (and I did too)...check it out:

We headed up to Kansas City for the weekend to hang out with the cousins and swim

Uncle Mark was definitely a favorite!

Doesn't everyone dress as puppies on a daily basis?  

21 weeks pregnant and feeling great

Gigi left and Brad came home.  With a week to recover, it was time for our Annual Wine and Cheese Party! This is always one of our favorite events to host...such a fun way to wrap up the year with friends!

Quinn made his appearance but didn't last long

Brad and Donald...2 REALLY serious guys :)

All smiles!

Good times with good friends

As soon as Wine and Cheese was over it seemed like we were gearing up for our trip back North for Christmas.  I honestly do not know where the month went.  Speaking of Christmas, this was the first year that Quinn actually understood Christmas.   We did "Elf on the Shelf" with him this year and he just loved it.  He named his elf "Elfie" (original, right?) and could not wait to find out where Elfie had hidden himself since the previous day.  He also really enjoyed his Advent Calendar though I'm afraid it was more for the chocolate than for The Story :)

With a slight setback from the weather (Madison got 23 inches of snow), we safely made our way north a day late.  Lots of family time, great food, good company, and holiday excitement rounded out our trip...take a look!

Brad and Grant showing us how it's done!

A Family that Plays Together...

This is fun Mommy!

My Snow Baby

Christmas Eve with Grandma Kristie

All smiles and fun with Grandma

Can we say photogenic?

With Great Grandma Betty

Quinn showing Teagan how to use her new pillow!

December has come and gone and this pregnancy is seemingly flying by too!  I'm 25 weeks today, but here's last week's picture...Can you say PREGNANT?!?!?!

Quinn's 24 week baby bump :)

It's Getting Real Folks!!