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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Ironman Wisconsin for the Non-Racers

Just a few pics from last weekend when Brad raced Ironman Wisconsin.  Quinn, Alana, and I spent a lot of time just having fun while the serious racers prepared for their big race.

First Stop...Iowa to visit Great Grandpa Groh

Gigi came for a visit too!

Playing on the rocks at Pope Farm Conservancy

Alana and me enjoying the sunshine at the family conservancey

Just a little girl time with cousin Teagan

Kristie and Mel with their grandchildren

Quinn's new friend Carmen

How we waited for Daddy to run by...Dancing on the table tops

Alana and me waiting for our chance to run

All tuckered out from a long day of spectating

My Favorite Picture of Gigi with the kids

One more stop before heading home...MENDOTA to see Grandpa Cotton

Do you think Alana had as much fun as we did?!?!

The Ironman (x2) and us post race

The Pope Clan...2 Ironmen! WAY TO GO BOYS!!!


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