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Thursday, April 11, 2013

She's Still Growing

Both Alana and me that is!  Last Friday marked 38 weeks!  I've felt so good this pregnancy - sleeping well, feeling tiny, etc UNTIL...

I saw this picture:

HOLY MOLY...I'm HUGE! Look at that stomach!?!?!? Okay, I can officially say I am very about to pop pregnant.  I went to the doctor on Tuesday and was measuring 36 weeks, 50% effaced, and dilated to a 1.  I wasn't even that far at 41 weeks with Quinn!

Anyway...I was contracting all day Tuesday and Wednesday but I'm sure it was just Braxton Hicks as I'm still sitting here Thursday night typing up this blog :)

In Quinn news...he's super excited to meet his sister Alana.  He asks me all the time if he can carry her.  I know he's going to be a fabulous big brother.  As excited as I am to meet Alana, I'm also kind of sad to be losing my one-on-one time with Quinn. He is such a love.  So smart, so energetic, so intelligent, so fun!!!  I am going to do everything in my power to still give him special Mommy-Son time as I know I'll miss it as much as he will.  Hopefully Alana will be a very "go with the flow" kind of child and will adjust to our lifestyle easily.  HA!

A quick pic of Quinn at his buddy Connor's 4th birthday!  ENJOY!

TADA! I'm so big Mom and I'm not scared!

Connor and Quinn