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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Snow Day

There hasn't been a year yet that we have not had at least one snow day.  Well yesterday was it.  After a super mild past couple of months, Old Man Winter showed his head this past weekend with temperatures never reaching above 30 (I know all our WI and IL family and friends...that's still pretty nice), and an inch of snow falling on Monday.

Unlike last year when we were snowed in for over a week, Quinn and I had a blast with our one day of snow.  He loved standing by the window and saying "Mama Snooooooooo!" When we finally got out in it (at the late hour of 8am), I wasn't sure how he'd respond since he HATED it last year, but he LOVED it!  We slipped and sledded, shoveled and piled, and played until our little hearts were content (or our fingers frozen).

All smiles out in the snow


The rest of the day was just as much fun playing with play-do, making valentines, painting with shaving cream, and reading over 37 books!

Oh I love my days at home with that little man (at least when they run as smoothly as they did yesterday).

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Quinn's 20 month letter - needless to say I'm a bit behind :)

January 18, 2012
Dear Quinn,
Can you believe in a few months you’re going to be 2?!?!  Where has the time gone?  You are 20 months old, wearing 18 month pants with the legs dragging on the floor and 18 month tops.  Your hair is getting longer and thicker and you even needed your first trim in the back.  It looks like you had wings back there.  Nonetheless, you are quite the little stud and you know it.
This past month included a very busy holiday season for us with trips to Chicago, Wisconsin, and Arizona.  You LOVED Christmas this year.  It wasn’t so much Christmas you loved as it was ripping paper into millions of little pieces as your unwrapped your (and everyone else’s) presents.  Your favorite gift this year was your Rock N Roll Elmo.  You LOVE that Elmo and will rub is back, pat him on the shoulder, take him to watch your Elmo movie with you, etc.  We also learned that you LOVE chocolate.  You ate your body weight in Dark Chocolate Dove candy.  The funniest though was when Daddy told you “No more Quinn” and I found you huddled in a kitchen corner, facing the wall, nibbling away at a piece like no one would find you.  HYSTERICAL!  You also enjoyed playing the guitar with Uncle Anthony and playing with your cousins up in Wisconsin.  You loved to feed Baby Teagan oranges and candy (nice Quinn), and play on the stairs with Grant and Reagan.
The craziest moment for Daddy and me was when you climbed out of your crib for the first time.  Daddy and I were playing cribbage and drinking wine when all of a sudden this glow-in-the-dark little boy came walking down the hall with puppy and giraffe in arm saying “Mommy?  Dada?”  It was like you were saying “here I am…did you miss me?”  We were SHOCKED and laughed for days.
We also went to Arizona where Mommy ran her first marathon.  You, like always, were a very good traveler.  You played with your play-do, your kiddie laptop, read books, and colored.  You were awesome.  You got to spend time with your Great Grandparents – Nonna and Papa – and loved playing with Katelyn Anderson and her toys.  You took your first bath with a girl and boy did she ever get in your way.  You seem to always have a plan and if someone gets in the way of that plan, you are not happy.  That said, you quickly realized Katelyn was there to stay and so she became a part of your plan as well.  You played well.
You’re talking more though your conversations sound more like “Gulla Gulla Gulla. Gulla,” “boot-a, boot-a, boot-a,” and “d, d,d,d,d.”  You know more animal sounds including a rooster and a chicken, and have added words to your vocabulary like hippo, Dough (for play-do), Ampa (Grandpa), Ama (Grandma), Nonna, Papa, Elmo, and weeeeee (whenever something is spinning).  You are singing your “ABDs” for the first couple letters and it is so sweet.  You like to dance which for you, little white boy, is shifting your weight from side to side kind of like how an obese person walks.  Your smile when you are singing and dancing lights up the room (shoot…it always lights up the room).
You still love going to Miss Christy’s house.  Do-Dah (Carson) is your best friend and you two are lost without each other.  You love to wrestle with the big kids I am told.  Probably because you and Daddy wrestle a lot and you get thrown around quite a bit.  You LOVE all your friends so much…you are all so great together.
Before you were born, I always said I wanted a baby girl and a toddler boy.  I now am thrilled I had a little boy (baby, toddler, everything) but am having so much fun with the toddler boy of my dreams.  You are such a love.  A good hugger, a fun person to play with, and such a happy loving boy.
I pray everyday that Daddy and I rear you to be happy, healthy, intelligent, athletic, active, polite, respectful, independent, and kind.  I think we’re on the right track.  You truly are amazing.
Love you Mr. Quinn, Buster Brown, Baba, Little Man, My Love.