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Sunday, October 31, 2010

We're Back!

I didn't realize how much I loved my computer until we got the blue screen of death, but don't worry...WE'RE BACK...and there's been so much going on...lots of visitors, lots of cooking, and lots of Quinn.

Since my last post, my dad came to town to visit as well!  He was here for a short 3 days but we had a great time with him. Quinn enjoyed sucking on his half missing finger (ew!), watching the hunting channel (much to my demise), and just hanging out.  Here are a few pics from his visit...we sure do LOVE Grandpa Cotton!

The following weekend we went up to Iowa to visit Great Grandpa Groh and his new wife Ruth.  They were celebrating their one year anniversary and were absolutely adorable!  Even though they are in their mid to late 80s, they were like high schoolers in love.  I think we can all take a relationship lesson from them!  Unfortunately, the video camera has most of the pics from that trip so I have nothing to share right now, but I'll get them!

Other than that, Quinn has turned 5 months old.  He is talking incessantly and his tongue is always on the move as he jabbers away.  He is eating rice cereal and we're about to start on some veggies here soon too (just as soon as I start making them for him).  He is extremely strong and can support his own weight on his legs for a long period of time...loves to jump, loves to dance, and loves grabbing at anything that is within arm's reach!  He is amazing! 

A few pics for now and another Halloween post later!

He Loves to Suck on Fruit...Monkey =)

Sunday, October 10, 2010

We Love Gigi and Joy!

I've always been a family person - I call my mom at least once a day, talk to my grandparents weekly, and look forward to every visit I get with everyone, no matter where, on my side of the family.  As I write this, I must also say what an amazing family I married into as well, but we'll see the Popes in a few weeks, so I'll brag on them then =)  All this to say that I always miss my family and wish they were closer but I also have always loved my distance because it keeps me as removed as I want to be from family drama and allows me to keep my own drama (typically hormonally related and short lived) more private as well.  Since Quinn has been born, I have missed my family even more and so look forward to the next time I get to see them. 

On Thursday night, Mom and her best friend Joy arrived in Northwest Arkansas to spend a few short days while on their way to Kansas City.  I don't think anyone told them that they went out of their way, but even if they had been told, I know they would have continued on South to see Gigi's newest Grandson.  Their trip was so short, but it was very much needed.  I loved watching Quinn be cuddled, played with, and talked to.  I loved being able to take walks with Mom and having my absolute best friend here to hang out.  Quinn loved it too.  He loved the silly faces, the play time, the cuddle time, and of course getting to see "the Crazy Lady with the Glasses" again.  He also LOVED all his new toys.  Joy got him the neatest high chair that converts to a rocking horse that converts to a desk and chair all depending on what side is face down.  It is just the neatest thing.  Check out this link to see it...  AMAZING!  Gigi brought him a GREAT consignment sale find of the Evenflo Exersaucer.  It retails for $111, but she got it for a steal at $15 brand new!!!

He sat in this thing for 45 minutes spinning, bouncing, trying everything, and making all the bells and whistles work!  He just LOVES it!
A few more pictures to share of their short visit!  We can't wait for them to come back and visit again...2 days was just not long enough!!

Quinn and Gigi

Yes...I know his shorts are more like pants and don't fit him...but he's cute nonetheless!

Lovin' his time with Joy 

A final happy pic to leave you with!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Big Boys Eat Cereal

Or maybe I should say little guys eat cereal!  Quinn had his 4 month appointment last week and weighed in at a whopping 11 pounds 10 ounces...2nd percentile!  Wow Quinn, way to be bigger than at least 2% of the boys your age!  He was 24 1/2 inches long though which puts him in the 27th percentile for length.  Long and lean...that's how we like them around here!

He is developmentally right on target rolling over in both directions, talking/cooing, belly laughing, and eating like a champ! He is so fun!

Last night, Quinn was eating his feet quite a bit:

so this morning, it was time to up how much cereal he's been eating!  He just started on cereal this past week by the way.

Before eating

Mid Feeding

All Done...1 Happy Boy!