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Monday, March 18, 2013

35 Weeks Pregnant

There's something so completely different about having baby #2.  By this point in my pregnancy with Quinn, I was going into his finished nursery every night and sitting in the glider.  I had his closets organized.  My hospital bag was packed.  My birth plan was made.  I was ready.  Poor Alana...if this pregnancy is any indication of how life will be for her, she'll be loved and will have nice things but there will be little sense of urgency.  Her clothes will be put away eventually, her room finished one of these days, and the hospital bags will probably be packed during contractions.  That's okay though...I did mention that she'd be loved!

I am now 35 weeks pregnant.  I am still running (logged 13 miles last week), teaching kickboxing and a Cross-Fit style class once a week.  I am swollen though not as badly as I was with Quinn and I don't think I'm as tired as I was with Quinn.  I'm probably sleeping better too.

This past weekend was my beautiful baby shower hosted by my friends Sara, Misty, and Courtney.  They did such a nice job keeping it casual, low key, and classy (not that I had any doubt!).  Alana and I are both so spoiled with love and generosity of the friends who are more like our family here in Northwest Arkansas.  I can't wait for her to get to meet them all.  How blessed is she to be coming into a world where she is so loved and doesn't even have to try?!?!

Pre Baby Shower

35 Week Bellies...Quinn has some catching up to do!

My Lovely Ladies - Misty, Sara, Courtney and me