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Sunday, November 1, 2009

A Fabulous Fall Weekend With Family and Friends

Oooh...I LOVE alliteration. Isn't it fun? Okay, dork. Anyway, it was a FABULOUS weekend here in NWA. Michelle and Fred (Brad's sister and brother-in-law whom I love!) came to town to visit on Thursday night and what a weekend we had! Friday night we went to our first ever Pumpkin Carving Competition at Karie's Sister's house and what a blast we had. I have never seen such talent nor have I ever seen power tools used to carve a pumpkin...INCREDIBLE. We surely did not win with Brad's PacMan design (aka, let me cut a chunk out of the pumpkin and call it PacMan) or with Fred's tribute to The Packers, but we sure did have a fabulous time.

Sweet Karie and Me

Me, Brad, Michelle and Fred with the Pumpkins the Boys Designed
Super Cool Pumpkins!!

Saturday morning we headed down to Altus to go to Wine Country. Sara came with us and Brenda met us there. Weather was sunny and warm and since I had the go-ahead from my doctor, I got to taste wine too!! I was still the DD though so for all of you who are worried that I was drinking wine, if I even consumed a whole glass over the course of 5 hours, I consumed a lot!

Brenda, Sara, Me, Michelle, and Fred at Chateau Aux Arcs
Brad, Me, Michelle, and Fred at Chateau Aux Arcs
Fred and Michelle Finishing a Wonderful Day
Brad, Me, Sara, and Brenda
To finish up our weekend, Brad and I decided to skip the Packer v. Viking Game (who needs Brett Farve Drama when the weather is 70 degrees and this gorgeous) and headed out to Hobbs to do some trail running and mountain biking. You might remember back in August when I posted my PR on the trail on my "last run" until IVF was over, well, 3 months later, I am back to running (albeit much slower and with many more breaks) and today was my first time back on the trails. I did almost 8 miles in 90 minutes versus the 9 miles I used to do in that same time frame. Still...I was impressed and boy did I ever take a good nap after that. Last thing on the agenda is to bottle our wine so it can start to age and get Brad packed for his 2 week trip to Shang'hai that he leaves for on Tuesday. I am already thinking up all kinds of fun projects I can work on er...spend on =)
Hope everyone has a wonderful week...54 days until Christmas!


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